20 Mar, 2023

LS/CMI Review Group Report Published

LS/CMI Review Group – Report on the Review of Closed Cases

Following a Parliamentary statement on 2 March 2022 by the Cabinet Secretary for Justice & Veterans, and in response to a commission by Scottish Government officials; the RMA convened and led a multi-agency Review Group relating to issues with the Level of Service Case Management Inventory (LS/CMI) IT system.

The LS/CMI Review Group carried out four phases of work, completing this in February 2023.

The LS/CMI Review Group concluded that in respect of affected closed cases and First Grant of Temporary Release cases; there was no material impact on public safety or detrimental impact on any person, arising from associated management decisions. The findings of the LS/CMI Review Group’s work along with associated recommendations can be found here.

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