Info for Applicants


Accredited Assessors are not employed by the RMA, they are accredited by us and engaged and remunerated by the court. Our Accreditation process is thorough and has been developed in consultation with a wide variety of stakeholders and practitioners.  

As an accreditation body, we support assessors in a number of ways. Upon appointment, assessors will be provided with an induction to introduce key processes and documentations., New assessors will meet members of the RMA team and be introduced to existing assessors. RMA staff are always available to assessors throughout the period of accreditation for advice, support and guidance.  

“Being an Accredited Assessor is a role that has a unique influence on the decision making of the High Court.  If the court applies the Order for Lifelong Restriction, our reports galvanise resources to manage and reduce risk. I never could have imagined, as a trainee, working as an accredited assessor, but with the support of the RMA team, who are extremely approachable and friendly, my learning continues to increase with every new assessment”.  

Dr John Marshall (Accredited Assessor) 

We’re currently seeking experienced, confident risk assessors from psychology and psychiatry to become Accredited Risk Assessors. The Accreditation process follows four stages: 

  • Pre-application 
  • Application 
  • Interview 
  • Maintenance of Accreditation  

Only those who meet the initial eligibility criteria in the Pre-application stage will be invited to progress to Application. Interested parties can complete and submit their eligibility questionnaire here 

The eligibility questionnaire will be available until 6 October 2023. We recommend you complete this questionnaire as soon as possible to ensure you have enough time to prepare your evidence and application.  

The Information for Applicants document below provides all the detailed information you might need for each stage in the Accreditation process. It’s designed to support you in making an informed decision about whether it’s the right time for you to apply. If you have any questions about the role, the benefits of being accredited, or the accreditation process, you can e-mail us.  

Applications will only be accepted between 2 – 15 October 2023.