Total number of individuals sentenced to an OLR. There are 180 active cases (31/03/19)

    Key Statistics


    • 19 Risk Assessment Orders instructed by the High Court
    • 16 Orders for Lifelong Restriction¬†imposed
    • Risk Management Plans submitted by lead authorities approved by the RMA:
      • 10 Initial plans approved
      • 26 Amended plans approved
      • 1 Revised Amended plan approved
    • 123 Annual Implementation Reports reviewed by the RMA


    Risk Management Plans approved by the RMA 2018-19

    Overall totals since the OLR sentence was introduced (to 31/03/2019):

    • 259 Risk Assessment Orders made by the High Court
    • 192 individuals sentenced to an Order for Lifelong Restriction
    • 180 active OLR cases


    Annual Implementation Reports reviewed 2018-19

    OLR punishment part

    The sentencing judge must set a punishment part of the Order for Lifelong Restriction sentence. This is the minimum time the person must spend in prison before they can be considered for release into the community by the Parole Board for Scotland.

    For more information on sentencing see the Scottish Sentencing Council.

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