20 Sep, 2019

RATED: A Directory to Assist Practitioners in Selecting and Applying Risk Assessment Tools

The RMA is pleased to announce its publication of the latest edition of RATED.

The Risk Assessment Tools Evaluation Directory (RATED) contains seventy-four tools, grouped into eight categories. The tools are designed to assess various types of offending from intimate partner violence, stalking, internet offending and other sexual offences, in addition to those intended to measure violence and general risk of offending. Three categories of tools are intended to assess the risk of youth offending; and there is also a category dedicated to ‘responsivity issues,’ encompassing tools intended for personality, neurodevelopmental and other mental disorders.

This publication of RATED was developed following consultation with risk assessment tool authors from across the globe and we are grateful for all of their contributions. We also acknowledge the contribution of RMA staff and Board members to the development of this publication, in particular the lead author, Dr Selina Kerr.


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