The LS/CMI is a comprehensive general offending assessment and management planning method. The method has been adapted for use in Scotland to enable an evaluation of the pattern, nature, seriousness and likelihood of offending. It structures professional decision making in a manner that is consistent and comprehensible regardless of the nature or complexity of the case and as such aligns with FRAME.

It is used by all community and prison based justice social work services to aid decisions on the level and focus of intervention with people (aged 16+) who have been involved in offending.

We support practitioners and services in the use of the LS/CMI method. This includes providing advice and guidance, publishing evaluation and research to inform service led planning and quality assurance.


Guides for users of the system are being developed, these will be provided to services by Scottish Government in due course. The guide on making use of LS/CMI data will be updated and available here once the reporting function within the LS/CMI system has been redeveloped.

Users of the LS/CMI method and system can contact their local LS/CMI mentor for guidance or support. The RMA has developed a series of quality assurance templates that services can access via the LS/CMI mentors login.


Access our LS/CMI Research


Below are two free-to-access Research Articles the RMA team find helpful, for information. If you have any questions, or if you recommend any other articles, please get in touch with the team.

The predictive validity of a general risk/needs assessment inventory on sexual offender recidivism and an exploration of the professional override

Are the major risk/needs factors predictive of both female and male reoffending? A test with the eight domains of the Level of Service/Case Management Inventory

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