LS/CMI Annual Satisfaction Survey on RMA helpdesk

8 January 2020

The LS/CMI Annual Satisfaction Survey on the RMA helpdesk is currently underway.

LS/CMI Mentors Event 2020 – Update

2 December 2019

We are now seeking nominations from LS/CMI mentors across Scotland to attend the LS/CMI Mentors Event 2020 due to be held in Glasgow on the 7th of February.

LS/CMI Mentors Event 2020

6 August 2019

To all LS/CMI Mentors across Scotland: save the date! The next mentors event is due to take place on Friday 7th of February 2020.

Centralisation of the LS/CMI System

1 July 2019

The Scottish Government’s Community Justice Division have recently agreed to proceed with centralising the LS/CMI system into a single (web based) system.

LS/CMI Annual Satisfaction Survey on RMA helpdesk – results

14 March 2019

The results of the LS/CMI Annual Satisfaction Survey on the RMA helpdesk are now available, click below for more details.

QA Templates: Review underway

5 March 2019

A number of quality assurance templates were launched in February 2018 and it is now time to seek views from those services/ users for whom these templates were designed. Are they being used? Are they useful? Do they need to change?

LS/CMI Annual Satisfaction Survey on RMA helpdesk

21 February 2019

The LS/CMI Annual Satisfaction Survey on the RMA helpdesk is currently underway. 

Troubleshooting Guide – now available

2 October 2018

A guide which provides information on common issues that may occur within the system where something may have gone wrong and requires a non-technical resolution.

LS/CMI In Practice: Custodial and Risk of Serious Harm Reports

14 September 2018

The latest in a series of LS/CMI In Practice reports have been published today – one on the use of the LS/CMI in custody and another on risk of serious harm assessments applied in the community.

Using data from the LS/CMI system report: Updated guide

24 August 2018

A guide for those who make use of the LS/CMI system report has been substantially updated to account for developments within Version 5.1 of the system.

Version 5.1 installation complete

30 July 2018

We received confirmation from NVT on the 6th of July 2018 that Version 5.1 of the LS/CMI system has been installed in all services.

LS/CMI Mentors Event 2018

18 March 2018

LS/CMI mentors from across the country  gathered in Glasgow on 1st February. We would like to thank all those who came along to join us to share experiences and learning from Quality Assurance in practice.

Latest LS/CMI system release: Version 5.1

16 March 2018

Development work on Version 5.1 of the LS/CMI system is now complete and will be installed in all services over the next few months.

LS/CMI Mentors Event 2018

5 December 2017

The event will take place on Thursday 1st of February 2018 and will have a primary focus on quality assurance and sharing experiences and learning from criminal justice social work practice across Scotland.

Latest LS/CMI system release: Version 5

16 November 2017

Work to install the latest version of the LS/CMI system (Version 5) across the country started in September 2017.

Change in helpdesk process for LS/CMI queries

13 November 2017

Changes in who to contact for technical/ IT related queries come into effect on 15th November 2017.

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