12 Nov, 2021


Today, Friday 12 November, the Risk Management Authority are pleased to publish two vital literature reviews relating to Counter-Terrorism risk assessment and management.

Terrorism is one of the most serious challenges facing the world today. Evidence shows that a number of countries have recently experienced an increase in terrorism and the number of individuals convicted of terrorism related offences has risen noticeably over the past few years.  

The RMA are committed to evidence-based and ethical practice. We have recently produced two literature reviews that provide an overview of current understanding of risk assessment and management practice in relation to individuals involved in violent and extremism offences.  

The reviews, ‘A review of Risk Management Approaches Relevant to Terrorism and Radicalisation’ and ‘A review of Risk Assessment Tools and the Risk Factors Relevant to Terrorism’ are expected to be of interest to justice partners both in the UK and internationally.  

The RMA are committed to ensuring that policy and practice are informed by evidence. Both of these reviews highlight the challenges of implementing evidenced-based practice in such a unique area as radicalisation and terrorism. We will continue to work with agencies in Scotland to develop arrangements for the assessment and management of those who may cause serious harm due to terrorism.
Geoff Tordzro-Taylor, Head of Development
We are pleased to be publishing these papers on violent extremism and terrorism. It is an ever-growing area of literature and hopefully these reviews can add to it meaningfully by looking at the current scope of risk assessment and risk management in this area
Mark McSherry, Chief Executive
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