The RMA is based in Paisley, Renfrewshire, established in 2005 by the Criminal Justice (Scotland) Act 2003, for the purpose of ensuring the effective assessment and minimisation of risk.

    Team Structure

    Our Chief Executive Mark McSherry is accountable to the Scottish Government Community Justice Division, who act as our sponsor and funder; and the RMA Board who provide strategic direction and monitor our progress.

    The RMA has a small structure of 18 permanent staff plus fixed term staff across Operations (implementation, development and the OLR) and Corporate Services (governance, finance and administration):

    Disclosure of senior staff salaries

    Mark McSherry

    Job Title:
    Chief Executive


    Salary as at Sep 2019:
    £75,000 – £80,000


    Name withheld

    Job Title:
    Director of Corporate Services


    Salary as at June 2019:
    £70,000 – £75,000

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