The Offending Behaviour of Those Sentenced to the Order for Lifelong Restriction

The RMA are pleased to publish this report, which includes the first analysis of the offending behaviour of individuals sentenced to an OLR. The findings will increase our understanding of the people subject to the unique sentence and contribute towards our discussions relating to public protection.

The RMA are committed to making Scotland safer by promoting effective practice in risk assessment and risk management. The findings in this research are expected to inform discussions around risk assessment and management strategies to protect the public from risk of serious harm.

Our Chief Executive, Mark McSherry, attended IATSO conference in September 2023 and presented on this research. See Mark’s poster and more information, here.

Initial Insights Into Experiences of Release, Community Integration and Recall for Individuals on the Order for Lifelong Restriction

Using interviews with individuals who are subject to the Order for Lifelong Restriction sentence, this research captures first hand experiences of the sentence, including release and community reintegration.  These interviews provided a valuable insight into the perceived supports and challenges of progression and community integration in this population. 

An Accessible Version of the report is available – click here to download it

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