The Risk Management Authority's purpose is to make Scotland safer by setting the standard for risk practice to reduce reoffending and the harm that it causes

      Our duties focus on protecting the public by ensuring that robust risk assessment and risk management practices are in place to reduce the risk of serious harm posed by violent and sexual offenders

      working towards a safer Scotland

      What we do

      The RMA works closely with partner agencies to develop and promote risk assessment and management practices that are proportionate, meaningful and legitimate. And by supporting the practitioners who work within the field of criminal justice, helping them to carry out their work effectively and consistently, we contribute to our wider purpose of reducing reoffending and the harm that it causes.

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      Please take a moment to vote for one of our founders Franki Raffles to be recognised as @RPS100Heroines. Her work in founding Zero Tolerance was groundbreaking and we are so honoured to continue her legacy.


      Thank you to all the @scottishprisons psychologists who attended the two day case managers training delivered by @GTayRMA Great conversations, lots to work on together.#riskpractice

      *KLAXON* One week to go till application closes for #yjconf19! To get you in the mood, have a watch of this wee gem...


      In 2018-19, 15 Orders for Lifelong Restriction were issued by Scottish Judges

      How we work

      We carry out our functions to promote effective practice through working closely with partners across the criminal justice system in Scotland; drawing evidence from national and international research and development programmes to advance a shared framework approach.

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