One of our key documents to promote effective practice, the Framework for Risk Assessment, Management and Evaluation (FRAME) outlines the agreed policy approach between justice agencies in Scotland to risk assessment and risk management. 

Developed in partnership with justice agencies, FRAME aims to develop a consistent and evidence-based approach to risk assessment and management. The framework advocates for a tiered and proportionate approach which supports practice at minimal, comprehensive and intensive levels.  Download the full policy paper on the right, or click here for an overview.


FRAME is our national policy approach to risk assessment and risk management in Scotland.

It proposes a consistent and evidence based approach to risk practice which applies across all agencies and individuals who offend.

FRAME aims to bring consistency to the way in which we assess, manage and evaluate risk presented by offending behaviour in Scotland.




There are four core elements that make up the framework: the foundations, the guidance principles, the language of risk and the practice standards.

This short video looks at the practice standards in more detail. They are: risk assessment; planning and responding to change; risk management measures; partnership working and quality assurance.

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