11 Oct, 2022

RMA Publish Research into the Offending Behaviour of Individuals Sentenced to an OLR

The Risk Management Authority (RMA) have today, Tuesday 11 October, published ‘The Offending Behaviour of Those Sentenced to the Order for Lifelong Restriction’.

This is the very first report exploring, in-depth, the behaviour of individuals sentenced to the OLR through quantitative analysis. The findings will increase our understanding of the individuals subject to the unique sentence and contribute towards our discussions relating to risk assessment and management.  

“The publication of this research allows us to understand the complexity of offending for those who have been sentenced to the OLR. This is an important part of the work we need to continue to do, so that we can reduce serious harm, support reintegration and ultimately make people safer. I would like to thank our research team, who have been exceptional in their commitment to this significant study.”

Mark McSherry, Chief Executive

“The findings from this study help us to consider the types of risk management strategies and services relevant to working with these individuals, with the aim of reducing the risk of future serious harm. The intention is for this research, and the studies that follow, to increase the evidence-base and understanding regarding the individuals sentenced to an OLR and to inform policy discussions, standards and guidelines, and guidance on the implementation of the sentence.

Geoff Tordzro-Taylor, Head of Development

‘The Offending Behaviour of Those Sentenced to the Order for Lifelong Restriction‘ focusses on individuals sentenced between December 2006 and March 2021 – over 200 individuals – and provides a comprehensive overview. 


The report explores the population through a series of chapters including a focus on young people and those with convictions for intimate partner violence. 

The OLR sentence was introduced for the management of serious sexual and violent offenders. The report finds that 95% of those who have received the sentence have an offending history involving more than one type of offence, and that nearly 9 out of 10 individuals have violent offending within their overall offending history.  

“There are many notable findings relating to the chronicity and diversity of offending. A fifth of the population had convictions for multiple types of offending. There were also individuals with alleged offending of a nature for which they did not have convictions. Overall, the findings show a population where many have offended from a young age which has persisted into adulthood.”

Rachel Webb, Development Lead

The RMA will be releasing recorded inputs on various sections of the report. Any interested individual or agency can contact the RMA for an input by e-mailing: communications@rma.gov.scot   

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