Part 5: End of Pre-Course Module

You should now have completed all the sections of the pre-course module.

Before attending training please make sure that you have:

– Watched the FRAME video
– Read about the Risk Assessment Process
– Reviewed the Risk Management Plan format
– Read the case study materials
– Given some thought to how you might complete sections 7.3.1 and 7.3.2 of the case study LS/CMI assessment
– Read the information below about the resources available for evaluating and quality assuring risk management plans after the course.

You should have received all your joining instructions by email but if you have any questions, please contact us on 0141 278 4478 or email

We look forward to meeting you at the training!

Post Training Evaluation of RMPs

A number of LS/CMI quality assurance templates have been developed to help practitioners, managers and services evaluate risk assessment and management planning practice. These are available from the LS/CMI Resources section of this website (requires use of the MENTOR LOGIN – please contact your local LS/CMI mentor to obtain any or all available QA templates from that section of the website).

Of particular relevance to those who have completed the Fundamentals of Risk Practice training is the QA template for evaluating RMPs.

This QA template can be used by anybody who has a responsibility for devising RMPs (or a manager or even a colleague) to self-evaluate their plans and identify strengths in practice and/ or areas for development.

This QA template and guidance available below: